BikeBiz Woman of the Year

Nominee: Lauren Goode

Company: Chicken Cyclekit

Supporting Statement:

Lauren’s tireless work as the head of design at Chicken Cyclekit, is seen throughout the industry, but rarely recognised outside of Chicken Cyclekit.

Having produced some of the most interesting and unique Pro Team and club kit designs in the UK, Lauren is often found designing custom bottles for shops, clubs and teams and is instrumental in producing (we think) the best B2B user interface in the UK, marrying clean and concise aesthetics with intuitive work flow that enhances the user experience of our website.

Lauren has helped shops rebrand; redesigning the look and overall aesthetic of the shop brand, including shop logo design and website design support as well as producing some of the most effective custom POS shop displays in the UK. These displays only augment the shop’s ability to draw customers and help convert interest to sales.

Laurens’s talents extend to bicycle paint design, producing some of the most interesting frame designs on the market, with major cycling marquees asking for unique designs for demonstration bicycles used throughout the UK. These bicycles can be seen in shops up and down the country right now, along with specific POS that Lauren has created alongside the bicycles to provide a cohesive vision for each demonstration bike.

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